…I've learnt more in the past six hours than the last six months in regards to specific country education structures and requirements and qualification documents. Can't wait to attend more sessions. Thanks very much Sheryl.
…The seminar was excellent. There are so many things I have learnt to do when assessing qualifications that I was not aware of! Now I can have more confidence when assessing.
...This course has definitely given me great pointers on what to look for and fantastic cultural background information, particularly about their education prior to moving to Australia.
…Excellent, brilliant, helpful, eye opening and a great learning experience. I want more!" and "Better than any other training I have been to!




See what past participants have had to say about our seminars and customised training programs:


The seminar provided an amazing overview of the assessment information that I use and will use on a day to day basis. Everything that was covered was extremely relevant and at no times was I disinterested in the information and discussions. It was a really helpful and useful seminar. Thank you.

Superb as usual. Not a single minute wasted…worth every second. Learnt heaps of things and most of the missing links are now put together. Thank you Sheryl!

It was a very helpful seminar, full of incredible knowledge. It gave a good overview of the education system and was a very structured.

Thank you so much again for an excellent presentation. This has really helped me understand this country in more depth than I imagined. The seminar was filled with useful content and I found the manual to have great examples of transcripts. Thank you!

Great information, helpful manuals and an exciting presentation!

Very informative and well presented. It gave good coverage of the vast differences in what we can expect to see on transcripts and how to access information on authenticity of colleges and universities. I really liked the manual and enjoyed the interaction of being able to write in it- it really keeps you interested and paying attention.

Very useful. Very detailed and very practical.

I work in the area of recruiting and wasn’t sure what I would get from this program but I was surprised, this was a very informative and interesting session. I enjoyed it all. I found the information on colleges to be an eye opener. It was all very interesting.

Always enjoyable and informative! Love coming to these sessions! 

This seminar gave a great overview of each qualification giving me a much better understanding of the education system. It was really good to have a handbook to refer back to. It was a very thorough presentation.

Thank you very much for an interesting seminar! It was very thorough and well researched. Overall I found it to be a very informative session.

All of the information was valuable. The certificate work through exercises was very worthwhile. It was a great seminar that I found to be very useful and detailed.

I think that the methodology is really good. It allows us to assimilate a lot of information. The documents and examples are very useful.

Very useful and easy to comprehend. It will be helpful to see examples and pin point the differences.

Very good seminar- lots of context which we don’t have access to usually. The grading system, types of institutions and upcoming changes in legislation were things that I found were especially useful!

I always love to attend your seminars. They are always well prepared and presented. As always, background to the education system and each sector in particular, was very helpful. Discussion around qualifications and how to interpret quals was very useful. I also loved having the handbook to keep as a reference.

Great presentation and reference material.

I found the seminar very useful. It had a lot of new up to date information there was great interaction with students and overall it was a very well presentation lead by a very helpful trainer. Thank you!

The seminar was very good. It is very important to know the new changes within the educational system. Now I am feeling more confident to assess academic documents coming from India.

I really enjoyed learning about the different colleges and institutes of the whole education system. This will be very beneficial for me in assessing for our research applications. It was an excellent presentation! Thanks Sheryl- a total wow!

Fantastic seminar! Very informative! Good samples! And overall a good presentation!

The seminar consisted of valuable aspects like de-coding documents, things we wouldn’t generally be able to pick up on.

I liked how details of each qualification and background was given. Overall, I found the seminar to be excellent, again.

Fantastic presentation and event! I was impressed at the real documents used throughout the presentation!

Very useful presentation. It was good to know the previous and future changes of qualifications. The seminar helps assist with daily assessments of qualifications from the most common regions.

It was a very valuable seminar, giving me a great insight into Indian qualifications, Ultimately making my job easier! The seminar was well presented and very informative.

I always enjoy your seminars as you have so much in depth knowledge. I also like to hear what the other universities are doing. Thank you.

I always learn something new each time I attend! This seminar provided me with great information on the education system. I will now feel more comfortable assessing school results!

Very positive and kind presenter: Will recommend to colleagues.

Sheryl is a very knowledgeable presenter and the material is comprehensive and informative. I do not/am not involved in the operational of admission and recruitment but rather at higher-level i.e. other international partnerships agreements. Even so, I found the information presented in the training to be very valuable and no doubt it will help me in establishing academic partnerships and collaborations.

Very informative, good venue, catering and adequate time of rest. Provided me with knowledge into different types of mark sheets and how to identify and categories information. Great list of references too…and lucky last, a lovely presenter!

 This seminar has been informative and has made me aware of changes that are taking place in the Indian education system. The day has been set out to flow easily with enough time for questions. Thank you again for another great seminar. I look forward to the next one.

I’m new to international quals so this was quite informative in helping me to understand the qualification levels of various universities and how to read and what to look for. The presenter kept the topic interesting and was very lovely to listen to. There was so much in depth information. You were engaging with your audience and made it a very engaging session, not awkward at all. I am going to recommend you. Thank you.

The level of detail provided has been invaluable and the general country info sets the scene to understand the bigger picture. Sheryl – THANK YOU. You are a veritable fountain of knowledge. By far the best/most useful presentation we have the chance to attend

Please keep these sessions going as they are an invaluable source of information and referencing.

I always get great value out of the Qualtrain workshops. They are hands on with very high quality and well-researched information that adds great value to my work! Sheryl is lovely and has a wonderful presentation manner.

Excellent as always. I’ve been doing this work for 8 years and still got some valuable information and resources from this seminar.

Really valuable content and format is easy to digest and interpret!

Well organised and well presented. Full of really useful information. It will help me identify what I’m looking at and where to locate the information I need to be able to assess the qualification. I will be a lot more confident with those qualifications from now on. Thank you!

Great content, great presentation, gold stars all round!! Thank you.

Always feel more confidents that I always receive more information. You always make it interesting and I always enjoy the way you present and the information you provide.

As always, very helpful. Heaps of a lot of helpful tips! I like that you also include information on the country as well as the education information. It is always very interesting.

Excellent! Excellent! Excellent!

Very comprehensive and definitely a big help with admission work

I found the seminar informative and easy to grasp the main points of each country’s educational system. The presentation was professional and quite interactive. I have recommended it to other staff in my office.

The presentation was very clear and concise. Very informative. I’m new to the area of international assessment and found this a great help. I look forward to the next one.

Very detailed, good examples, knowledgeable presenter. I learned several new things about these qualification systems that will make assessment easier and more consistent. Thank you for another informative session.

Thank you! This is one of the best training sessions I have ever attended. It was:

  • interesting
  • professionally relevant
  • well-paced
  • presented extremely well and professionally
  • interactive

I thought it was the most interesting and useful training session I’d been to. Instructor very good.

Best training presentation I have attended, the content was superb, interesting and interactive. Presenter was awesome – you retain the information with the background and knowledge provided. The overall content was interesting, captivating, necessary and gave insight and knowledge. Clarification on qualifications was clear, insightful and I learnt heaps!!! Excellent.

I haven’t attended as enjoyable and beneficial a seminar as this one! I wish to attend more of your seminars.

Well-presented, concise yet informative. I will be much more confident assessing these qualifications and providing guidance to more junior staff. Qualtrain International sessions are always worthwhile.

Sheryl, thanks so much! As always, you’ve delivered a wonderfully engaging and informative session. You are the benchmark against which I judge all other presenters and information sessions. Nobody comes close.

This is the type of training I have been searching for.

I have attended many Qualtrain seminars and they are always extremely well researched and informative and, Sheryl, you’re such an accessible presenter and friendly person – these are always a pleasure.
I often refer back to the manual I received 18 months ago and I know that this information is something I will revisit often.

Excellent. One of the best (most informative) seminars I’ve attended in a while. Looking forward to attending more of them the next time you are in Perth, and recommending your seminars to colleagues. Thanks Sheryl!

Superbly presented and brilliantly executed. A+++!
I personally appreciate the historical background and contemporary coverage of the countries. I also like the sample documents and the thorough explanation. Especially your personal and professional opinion of qualification assessment in general.

Very informative and spot on. The trainer presented topics in a very organised manner with extensive industrial experience supported. Thank you Sheryl!

Sheryl was very friendly, highly skilled and had great knowledge. Thank you for your help! All the information provided will be a great resource for me. Thank you so so much!

Well delivered and easy to follow. This is the 3rd seminar that I have attended and would love to come back again (in the near future).

Fantastic presentation. This is the second I have attended and refer to the manual regularly. I am always referring to the academic transcript samples.

Excellent! Very detailed and informative. The best training I have ever been to, well done.

The background of the countries are very good in helping us understand more about the countries. Very informative and clear explanations. Keep up your great work! It’s fabulous.

Very helpful – very hands on, practical and easy to understand.

Great to focus on three countries; good use of examples provided and activities. Easy material to comprehend. The content will assist me when assessing qualifications and speaking to students.

Thoroughly enjoyed this session. Very informative and engaging. Thank you.

Great training, lots of tips and websites to check. This manual will become my reference for future assessments from these three countries. Thanks Sheryl, as always, I learned heaps and I can use the info and put into practice.

Excellent training – we will be recommending this training to other staff. Thank you! Also, the handout was fabulous!

Just great, I want to learn more.

Always feel these are not only very informative but in a format targeting every level of attendee’s knowledge.
Really enjoyed it. Filled a major gap in my knowledge and skillset.

I found it both really informative and interesting and great to get a contextual understanding of each of the regions as well as the qualification information.

Love it – so knowledgable! I always find your seminars beneficial. Thank you!
Very helpful. Will recommend to colleagues in similar roles. Quite new in my role so this was very timely and useful.

Engaging. Thoroughly useful information – shall certainly recommend to colleagues. Look forward to more.
Very informative, gave whole new perspective on international education.

This was my first session and I am impressed! It is great to have all the in-depth research done and handed in an easy to understand format with notes to take back!
Excellent and up to date. Good foundation and built up with details. Very interesting and plenty of time for group discussion.

The seminar was very well organised and informative. I have attended before and enjoy the informative booklet and the opportunity to participate and fill out the workbook in intervals throughout the session.
Very informative and helpful. What an excellent resource to take away – thank you! Will recommend these courses to others.

Great to have so much background/context for each country. A lot of detail provided and workbook provides great examples. Thanks!

Great presenter, great presentation style, very interesting and great knowledge.

Very informative, clear and appropriate for my current role within Admissions in assessing overseas qualifications. Booklet very useful as a future reference guide. Very knowledgeable of all countries.
Love all your seminars and always gain the required knowledge we were seeking. Thank you.

Very knowledgeable. Interesting and very relevant to what I need for my job. Lots of information and went through it all at a good pace.
Once again, a very informative session Sheryl. Very practical information for use in my daily work.

Great presentation. Subject made very interesting and style of delivery and material work really well. Thanks!

I’ve learnt more in the past six hours than the last six months in regards to specific country education structures and requirements and qualification documents. Can’t wait to attend more sessions. Thanks very much Sheryl.

This was excellent. There are so many things I have learnt to do when assessing qualifications that I was not aware of! Now I can have more confidence when assessing.

Very interesting, definitely worth the time and travel.

Well researched and presented. All questions answered to a high standard.

This course has definitely given me great pointers on what to look for and fantastic cultural background information, particularly about their education prior to moving to Australia.

Excellent, brilliant, helpful, eye opening and a great learning experience. I want more!

I love coming to Qualtrain sessions, they always provide digestible, considered and detailed information. And Sheryl is very knowledgeable and approachable.

Excellent seminar, very informative and eye opening.

Fantastic, in-depth course. I learnt a lot.

Great, interesting, very helpful. Resources I will continue to use.

Excellent seminar. Very knowledgeable presenter. Very Informative.

I was surprised that Sheryl knew more than most Chinese about the educational system of China. It is well presented and organised.

Definitely will be a great help in my daily job.

Excellent working document, well delivered. Good examples of transcripts. Complex material presented in clear, concise and succinct format.

Always enjoy these sessions. Receive a lot of information and also confirmation that understanding assessment and assessing correctly.

Very well delivered. Informative, and will definitely assist me in any role at the faculty. Thanks!

Everything well explained and enjoyed the ‘hand-on’ tasks. Very useful, learnt a lot! Thank you.

Very impressed with the seminar. I learnt so much about fraudulent documents and I hope will be more vigilant on checking applications and qualifications online.

100% up to date materials and very thorough documentation. Very engaging speaker demonstrating a depth of experience in education sector and I will definitely recommend this seminar to my colleagues.

Better than any other training I have been to!

I find the sessions very helpful, they provide so much detail of the education system but also the background of the country and its history – it’s great. Sheryl , you are a great, friendly and approachable trainer.

Thank you so much Sheryl. Your knowledge bank is impressive and your ability to answer questions on the fly is admirable.

Engaging speaker. Enough anecdotal material and activities to keep everyone interested and on task. As a relatively new member of an admissions team it was great to have key areas/red flags pointed out! I guess it all comes with practice and experience. Thank you!

Extremely informative. Knowledge learnt today will be used in my position as Credits Officer when approving credits into programs based on overseas qualifications.

I thought the seminar was very helpful. The information was detailed – presented in a clear concise manner – was excellent.

Sheryl has such a depth of experience in these qualifications, I always learn something new at her training sessions – and can refer to the guides when in the workplace

A really informative and productive seminar. I understand more about the countries covered. Looking at the different qualification samples adds to my understanding more.

Great information, engaging and helpful. Very in-depth and not dryly delivered – great!

Very practical and relatable! The manual will be very helpful for daily use!

Definitely an eye-opener!

Very useful and up-to-date information, professionally and interestingly presented. Thank you. I will recommend that my colleagues attend a future session.

Excellent detail, very relevant and concise presentation. Would love to attend more sessions!

A very valuable seminar, covering the topics in-depth.


This is the most interesting and useful training I have ever been to, strongly recommend to anyone who is dealing with international students.

I thoroughly enjoyed the seminar today. Very interesting and very useful. I definitely came away with knowledge of some incredibly useful resources.

The ‘Identifying Fraudulent Documents’ training opened my eyes to issues I knew were out there but knew little about. This course has helped me eliminate fraudulent documents getting into the Australian Tertiary Education system.

The seminar was informative and entertaining. Sheryl’s presentation skills are exceptional and she had no trouble keeping on task on time, and ensuring the participants were engaged. The web-based resources will be incredibly useful to everyone in my office. I will not hesitate to recommend this seminar to my colleagues.

Very good seminar on fraud and a very important topic. Sheryl has a wealth of knowledge and is enthusiastic about this subject. Well worth the time and money in attending.

This was a real eye opener and provided me with some excellent tools to take away with me for assessing the authenticity of documents.

The seminar was very informative, covered the topic at the required depth and breadth, and has provided plenty of references for further research. I would definitely recommend it to anyone involved in tertiary admissions.

Qualtrain International training sessions have through my experience been well presented and researched. Resources and references are current, up to date, relevant and useful.

I really enjoyed this course; it was very practical and interesting. I leant a lot and now look at any document with a new frame of mind.

Thank you for a very good session. It’s great to have a facilitator that is an expert in the subject, is enthusiastic and professional.

Very helpful, gained a lot of new information. Very satisfied especially with all the examples provided and the knowledge provided.

Very well spoken, clear and concise. Easy to understand.  A great morning’s learning.

Very informative, well paced, well set out. Impressed and taking a lot more knowledge back to the office than expected. Thank you!

Far exceeded expectations! The information and practical assessment tips provided were extremely relevant to my current position.


Our staff were extremely happy and really enjoyed the cultural references and the Chinese photos! They thought you were an excellent presenter. It isn’t just about transcripts but the context in which those transcripts were produced. Thanks for your efforts and no doubt we will see you again.

I would like to say thank you for your session.  I feel that you are probably the best presenter that I have come across.  You kept us all interested all day. I am looking forward to more of your workshops.

I’d like to thank you for the training session yesterday – there’s been lots of talk about it in the office this morning, and I think everyone found it really valuable and enjoyed your approach.

The detail, knowledge and photos the presenter had were great. Handbook is very informative. Thanks Sheryl. Very informative session

All very good. Very good facilitator. A lot more clearer understanding of quals – thank you

Thank you; it was a very interesting and informative day


The conference was very thorough and set up in a practical and logical manner so as easy to understand; extremely helpful. Thank you for another fantastic conference, I look forward to your next one.

Dynamic but not imposing presentation of material. Variances in presentation of information ensured/encouraged long periods of concentration. Well done.

Sheryl’s in-depth knowledge of qualifications make all the sessions interesting and worthwhile.

As a ‘forward scout’ for a business considering a foray into international students, I have experienced a burst of enthusiasm in relation to the receipt of valid information and the joy of education. Most appreciated; thank you.

I have attended before so I knew it would be really helpful. Fantastic; thank you.

Fantastic presenter – engaging and enthusiastic and so knowledgeable.


I particularly liked the social and political/historical background information given to enable insight into the study practices of the country.

Incredible amount of information to deliver – thank you for sharing your expertise


An excellent program at all levels


Has given information and valuable assessment tools that I didn’t have before to be able to assess applications. The workshop exceeded my expectations – I came away with a lot more valuable information than I expected.

Would highly recommend for colleagues, including academics.

Very useful program. All university staff assessing overseas qualifications should do a course like this.

Manual will be a great reference tool.

I’m now much more familiar with issues and differences. Example documents very useful.

Well delivered; good content. Helped me understand the various levels of education in each country. Clear, concise and made very interesting.

I deal with a large number of Indian students and this has given me a greater understanding of that education system. It has provided me with a great knowledge base in assisting a majority of international students.


When we do quality checks this will help ascertain the entry requirements, etc. The booklet is excellent and would be great if more countries could be added in this easy to read format.

I’m a lot more confident now in reading awards and transcripts. Sheryl is very knowledgeable. Very worthwhile workshop.


Provided very practical skills in assessing, reading and dealing with documents. The examples of documents were very helpful.

Thoroughly entertaining and informative.

I need to assess international qualifications – the knowledge from the training will be greatly helpful. Have learned the education system of five countries in one day. Fantastic!  Enjoyable! The trainer is very experienced and knowledgeable. She makes the training interesting, not boring.

Dear Sheryl,
I would like to thank you for the recent training activity you ran for the academic staff at Monash College. I have never heard a group of people rave so much after a presentation – you made the topic of education qualifications from our students’ home countries fascinating for them; they found the presentation of what could have been very dry material very lively and engaging. Those who didn’t attend were really envious when they heard about it!

Sue Bell, Executive Principal, Monash College

Absolutely wonderful! One of the best seminars I have been to in recent times. It is organised, logical, stimulating and very interesting. The references and web links provided in the handouts were absolutely fantastic. Not only was I impressed with the quality and quantity of material presented, but with the connections Sheryl had with her audience. I came to the seminar with fragments of information in my head from my own experience and various readings, and Sheryl skilfully helps me put it all together so the picture became clear. The powerful information gained from her seminar will definitely help me do a better job. I look forward to future seminars.

Dr Eugene Quah, Field of Study Manager, Engineering, Monash College

This program assists in clear and correct assessments of international qualifications, both in the office and in market. The program exceeded my expectations. I now feel confident in my assessment capabilities and expertise. The program is even more worthwhile than I anticipated. It was worth every penny.

Anonymous, Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University, June 2009

This was a fantastic program. I came away fully informed and confident. It makes the process of looking at international qualifications very straightforward. Sheryl gave information on what other institutions are doing as well, as well as giving so much information on the education systems and documents from countries that I can proceed with so much more confidence.

Anonymous, Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University, June 2009

This should be essential training for all working in the tertiary sector in Australia.

Anonymous, Faculty of Art and Design, Monash University, June 2009

Sheryl presented an extensive amount of information in a short period of time to meet her customer needs. A skilled listener and expert in the area of 'Understanding Overseas Qualifications', Sheryl's skill set highlighted her knowledge about varied international schooling systems and the impact of these systems on the academic experience of international students studying in Australia.

Jodie Burgess, Deputy Principal Student Experience, Monash College

Thanks for the session about overseas qualifications for entry to Monash College Diplomas. I found that the information you provided in the handbook, combined with the discussion about the educational qualifications from the countries we receive a lot of applications from was extremely helpful. I now have a much clearer understanding of how to approach the difficult task of interpreting information supplied in the applications from international students.
It was also quite insightful to learn more about the education systems in many of these countries and how this may affect the learning needs and issues of our students.

Dr Ali Rehn, FoSM Health Sciences, Monash College

Hi Sheryl,
I would like to take this opportunity to express my heartfelt thanks to you in training me on the assessment in the past, and more recently....
I found that you have a solid knowledge in qualifications both locally and internationally. You know what you have to cover in the training so that I will be able to do my job confidently, rather struggle through it or do it incorrectly. I felt that you were very supportive, professional and had patience in training me. You always make sure that I understand what you have trained me by giving me the questions or repeat what you have told me.
On both a professional and personal level, I really appreciate the time and effort that you have given to me and highly recommend your service to anyone.

Mayuree C, Monash University

The training session I undertook with Sheryl was fantastic! Her very in -depth knowledge of qualifications from all around the world, patience, motivation and guidance was much appreciated. As Sheryl is very passionate about her work, I believe this followed through in her training, covering all important details and information needed.
The training style and information that I received has been very valuable in order to work more productively and efficiently in my day-to-day work procedures.

Georgina S, Monash University

Sheryl has an abundance of knowledge of education qualifications and comprehensive assessment expertise. Her quality training has helped me improve and develop my assessment skills. She also provided informative training materials with many qualification examples and gave opportunities to ask questions whenever I am in doubt.

Jenny A, Monash University

Although quite a lot of the material covered was familiar to me, I learned a lot of useful and interesting facts and it was very helpful to get an overview of each country’s education system – which can be difficult to obtain in the busy workplace.
Sheryl was very knowledgeable and obviously has a lot of knowledge in this area. I thought her style of delivery was warm and friendly and easy to understand. I particularly liked the way she introduced each topic with an outline of what would be covered and then finished each topic with a summary of what we had learned. It was also good that she was up to date with the latest information on each country.
A good course and one I would recommend to others.

Anonymous, Melbourne Seminar, November 2008

Extremely informative, especially in relation to looking at transcripts and the grading systems. Background information included many interesting points… Great mix of theory and group work including informal discussion. After being involved in this program I feel I can now assess international students applications with more confidence.

Anonymous, Melbourne Seminar, November 2008

“You have a great reputation Sheryl – you certainly delivered, thanks”

“Will be my first-hand resource to use – very handy”

“Surpassed my expectations – information gained is priceless”

“Many tips were given that will help me streamline my processes. It will enable me to do my job better”

“Extremely useful – without it I could not assess”

“An excellent overview of qualifications in each of the countries. Great reference notes too. Many thanks”

Anonymous, Victoria University, December 2008