training session

…I've learnt more in the past six hours than the last six months in regards to specific country education structures and requirements and qualification documents. Can't wait to attend more sessions. Thanks very much Sheryl.
…The seminar was excellent. There are so many things I have learnt to do when assessing qualifications that I was not aware of! Now I can have more confidence when assessing.
...This course has definitely given me great pointers on what to look for and fantastic cultural background information, particularly about their education prior to moving to Australia.
…Excellent, brilliant, helpful, eye opening and a great learning experience. I want more!" and "Better than any other training I have been to!



About Us

Assessing Overseas Qualifications

Professional Training from Experts

Qualtrain International was founded to bridge the gaps many busy professionals can have in their knowledge of how to assess overseas qualifications. Seminars are designed to ensure that participants are equipped with the most accurate, up-to-date knowledge required to ensure that admission mistakes are not made. Qualtrain International’s carefully focused and practical training ensures that your staff have the knowledge to be accurate and efficient when assessing overseas qualifications.

Qualtrain International offers seminars throughout Australia. Oure customised programs can be designed to suit specific training needs. Seminars of 2 days duration are presented in comfortable, central locations to ensure that participants have the maximum opportunity to build their knowledge without distractions. Participants are encouraged to discuss assessment issues and challenges that concern them, so that real needs are addressed.

Each participant receives a comprehensive manual, which can be referred to again and again. This contains reference material, sample documentation and checklists that assist in quickly resolving the questions and issues that arise when working with overseas qualifications, students and institutions.

Qualtrain International is led by its founder, Sheryl Zorella (Bachelor of Arts (Hons); Higher Diploma of Education (PG); Certificate IV in Training and Assessment).

Sheryl is an engaging and inclusive professional trainer, with 15 years of practical experience as a lecturer, manager and staff trainer in Australian and overseas educational institutions.