Understanding Overseas Qualifications


With India and China being the two largest source markets of international students by far, it is imperative to have a deep understanding of the education system in each of these countries.  The education system in each is evolving at a rapid pace, especially in the last few years, and a solid understanding of the changes is crucial. 

These two half-day seminars will equip you with all the fundamental knowledge one needs to have in order to easily assess qualifications from these two countries: 

India:    China:  

India has the second largest higher education system in the world.  In this massive education system, therehave been so many changes over the last few years that it is hard to keep up. Particular academic changes relate to semesterisation, curriculum changes, grading schemes and credit systems. 

This seminar will ensure you have current, up-to-date knowledge with which to inform your selection of Indian students, especially when confronted with huge numbers of applications from this market.


China has a complex education system which can be confusing, especially as it moves away from regulation in some aspects (such as the awarding of degrees) but becomes more centralised in other aspects (such as the Gaokao examination).

This seminar will provide very detailed information on China’s education system, unravelling many of the complexities and breaking the market down into easy to understand segments, while also covering recent reforms.


Both seminars will cover the following comprehensively:

  • Essential information on the education system in general
  • Secondary school qualifications
  • Gaokao in China including recent reforms to the Gaokao
  • Post-secondary options
  • Detailed information on the wide variety of higher education institutions and their relative strengths and weaknesses
  • Undergraduate qualifications - types of Bachelor degrees, structure and characteristics
  • Graduate qualifications – structure and characteristics of Master and Doctoral degrees
  • Verifying Chinese qualifications
  • Recent changes and updates

$350 each day including GST
This includes workshop attendance, refreshments, and a comprehensive manual which can be used as a future reference tool.

Venues and Dates

Canberra (registrations close 19 July 2019)
24 July 2019 (India) and
25 July 2019 (China)
9.00am to 1.15pm

Quality Hotel Dickson
Badham Street and Cape Street